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Welcome to Ross

With its dramatic gated estates and manicured gardens Ross would make a perfect setting for a tony Hollywood movie. One of the first towns in California to regulate tree cutting, and with its strict regulations on building, Ross has managed to retain it’s natural beauty, with tree-lined streets and several beautiful lakes accessed by public trails. The downtown, while offering just a handful of the essential amenities, is postcard perfect. And speaking of postcards, there is no mail delivery to most homes in Ross. Instead, residents pick up their mail at the downtown post office, which serves as a gathering place for the well-heeled locals and is reportedly the place to pick up the latest gossip as well. Of course this level of upscale living, complete with a public K-8 school that’s ranked among the top 99% in the country, doesn’t come cheap. But if your budget allows and you’re looking for privacy, sophisticated charm, and room to spread out, Ross should be high on your list.

Things we love about Ross