Coffee in Mill Valley? La Boulange it is..

So, I have to admit that lattes are one of my guiltiest pleasures. I try to go with plain coffee or tea most days, but I really love my lattes. One of my favorite things to do is meet a friend for coffee. I love the companionship, but I also love any excuse to get a latte. My latest favorite spot is La Boulange in Strawberry Village. First of all, the large lattes come in a bowl. Yes- a bowl! Enough caffeine to keep me going for at least a week. My friends tell me the food is very good, although I don’t really need anything else. The atmosphere is inviting inside and there are great tables with shade umbrellas outside (for use only on warm days!)

I think I might need to stop in tomorrow, just to take a picture of my favorite latte bowl!!