Meet me at the dipsea..

Dipsea Cafe, Mill Valley CaliforniaMarin has lots of great places for breakfast. Probably one of the most well known is the Dipsea Cafe in Mill Valley. The Dipsea was named after the seven mile Dipsea trail which starts in downtown Mill Valley. The trail is famous for the annual Dipsea Race, the second oldest foot race in they country.Interestingly enough, the Dipsea Cafe is not located on the Dipsea trail. It is located on shoreline just off the 101 freeway in Mill Valley. Parking can be tight at this busy Mill Valley restaurant.

The Dipsea is very casual. The interior is bright and cheery with a blue and yellow interior. The menu is diverse and has daily specials. Whether you like pancakes or huevos rancheros, everything I have tasted is excellent with generous portions. The biscuits are supposed to be amazing, although I have not tried them. My favorite lunch item is the gyro with greek salad. YUM. The Dipsea is a family friendly restaurant with a special menu for kids.

The Dipsea Cafe is located at 200 Shoreline Highway in Mill Valley, California. Phone (415) 381-0298. Reservations are not accepted.