San Anselmo- Hilda’s Coffee Shop

Hilda’s Coffee ShopOne of my local favorites for a great breakfast is Hilda’s Coffee Shop in San Anselmo. The quintessential greasy spoon it is! Unpretentious, comfortable and quiet- this restaurant has been around forever. The 12/31/05 flood destroyed the restaurant. Thankfully it came back and looks better than before with new tables and fresh paint. Prior to the flood- they were needed!

The waitresses are genuine and always remember the regulars…and those of us who are semi-regulars. Although my pocketbook would permit more frequent visits, my waistline would not. The german pancakes are a must- plate sized and covered with powdered sugar, they are great to share. The bacon is amazing- crispy but not dripping in oil. I have not actually been there for lunch, but I can imagine that it would be pretty good.  Lighter options are available (egg white omelettes, etc) and they will accommodate most requests.

My only complaint are the napkins. The napkins are the kind you pull out of a silver container, but they are tiny (tiny, tiny, tiny!). Please Hildas, get some full size napkins. Bacon, eggs, syrup and a tiny napkin? I don’t think so! Bring your own napkin, but it worth a trip. Hilda’s Coffee Shop is located at 639 San Anselmo Avenue in dowtown San San Anselmo. (415) 457-9266.