Under $1.5 Million, Marin Inventory Stays Low

The real estate market in Marin (and most places for that matter) normally has a seasonal cycle of peaks and valleys of activity and inventory. Even if the totals are higher or lower in a given year, the basic pattern generally holds: inventory bottoms out in winter, and peaks in spring/summer. That’s not the case so far in 2012, at least when you look at homes under $1,500,000. The chart below shows all Marin residential properties under 1.5 million over the last five years, and you can see how the number of homes for sale has stayed low since winter.

Basically, this means it’s the best time to be a seller in that price range in years. As has been the case in general this year, multiple offers have become common for good homes that are priced right. What will happen this winter? Hard to say, but if you’ve been considering selling we should talk. Email me at gcrowe@sfnorth.com if you’d like to explore that possibility, or if you’d just like market stats tailored to your price range and area.